Know ‘Me’

I..  I think ‘I’ is a very selfish word yet it is strong and addictive in today’s world. This is ‘Me’ and I am known by the name Sheeba Kaul.

Life from my eyes is constantly moving, forcing me to drift along. Everyone here is no more than a leaf flowing over a stream of water, unaware and unknown of the next curve and bend.

I have built a sanctuary of my own.

Repello Muggletum! You can’t really enter or see this place. It is the bubble where I stay.

I am a slave of words—they come to me whenever they wish to and never when I need them.

Life, at times, becomes a humdrum and that is when you want to escape the invisible tragedies that strike you as laziness and boredom. Even I try, but oh I am so lazy. Can’t think of words to make this sentence more meaningful.

I love to write and see my work getting refined as I practice writing every day.

I am a shy dancer, though I have performed a number of times on stage and participated in competitions. Contemporary dance form gives life to my emotions.

You can read my poems at They are about love, life and death like those written by any mortal.

Cosmos is my shelter. And I wish to linger here between places and time.

Look Out! There is so much to see, so many places to be, so many things to experience. I usually collect mine here or at Collection Of Thoughts.

Give yourself a break but keep your senses open.

I am but I am not.
I am found when I get lost
I am the skin, I am the scar
I am the dust born from a star



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