Little Talks

Initially, 2littlemoments went by its name, solely focusing on those small yet precious moments that slip by and disappear in the weathering of life. It sought at highlighting the lessons of life that we learn but forgot, and, also, the hopes that good times will iterate themselves.

Gradually, the blog took a hair-pin turn to evolve into a space where I more often began to share my travel experiences.

However, 2littlemoments continues preserve the charm of experiences and emotions through words. It is about stories I create and become part of in my own life. I pick them up from my traveling to walking down the footpath and noticing people.

Just 2 Little Moments Between Places And Time

There is the world beyond this, where time is held and conscious is high. There is no worry, no differences, only that moment and the life in it. That is where you truly live, rest is an illusion.

2 thoughts on “Little Talks

  1. Hey, nice read! I have a few questions that are now springing in my life.
    How do you suggest we live then?
    What do we do so that our lives no more remain mundane?
    What is happiness?
    On what criteria would you classify people into ‘sheep in herd’ or ‘lone ranger’?
    What if the person X who seems happy following his daily, boring, monotonous routine has a ‘life’ after office hours, which category would you put him into?


  2. Hello Sheeba,
    You’ve such a wonderful perspective on life and treasurable moments as we know it. Would you be amenable to reading and reviewing a collection of short stories? Author Sharat Kumar has a collection of short stories coming out this time in January. In each of the 13 stories, uncovers the New Age woman and the chemistry between men and women in contemporary India. Whether spinning a yarn about an Army romance, or the affection between two divorcees; Kumar holds a mirror to how sparks fly.
    If you’re interested, I’d love to provide a PDF of the upcoming book to be reviewed in your particular fun, free and fearless way. Just ping me back at the email address hritvick.dv(@)gmail dot com.

    Cheers, and keep blogging.

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