Amidst the Noise of World

Few days back I was travelling to K R Puram in a local BMTC bus. With its grandpa engines coughing in full thrusts with every shift of the gear stick, it was slugging through the tight traffic near the criss-cross of highways and merging traffics at petite roads. The surrounding noise from the honks and engines around could have mercilessly crushed the solace of any serene place and sanity of every peaceful mind. But here, everyone in my vicinity was swaying with the bus on every pit and hole on the road and hoping that the rumbling engine does more than just making the bus turn into a cacophonous big beast.

Sitting in the front, near the door, I was ruminating over my blankness of my thoughtless brain, when something caught my attention. A moment that seemed quite unusual from the corner of my eye until I turned and noticed a woman smiling and gesturing at another, who stood against my seat. Continuing to make a happy face she made signs with her fingers in fast repeated motions, communicating and conversing and laughing without a sound coming from her mouth. Her eyeballs were at a display of excitement, surprise and vivaciousness. Sometimes she opened her mouth to let out an air of exasperation other times simply to rest her transparent talk. The woman on the other side of the conversation, even moved her head, into a sudden long nod, time and again in response to her friend’s serious conversation. They expressed via swift moments of their hands that were clean and surprisingly I found myself comparing them to mudras of certain Bharatnatayam step. There was an elegance in the way they talked but without a sound.

Nobody knew because nobody heard, others including me just stared at the never-bothered ladies who I am sure must of spoken of the whole world by then. Yet that silence appealed to me in the greater noise of the world. It touched me not because I pitied their disability, but that I envied their ability to convey their selves effortlessly and retain their peacefulness in the disturbance that was everywhere and by default for everyone except them.


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