The Call

I had heard many people do official conference calls and talk all professional vocabularies. I had liked how people spoke and how they portrayed themselves with their sophisticated voices, impressive flow of words and a sense of unhindered continuity in communication. Such a picture of classic perfection it displayed that I thought i would attend the calls, we had in our project, with the client and other teams’ members, from now on. Though I only listened, it was still an experience until today.

An unexpected call, welcomed me one morning at sharp 6:30, when it immediately got scheduled out of blue with no one but only me available from my team . Some Australian (onshore application guy) had some complicated operation to carry on while I was supposed to be their partner for a jiffy. I was a little nervous, OK quite nervous actually, to the bit of racing heart and fumbling fingers. I started with a hoarse tone, well, which one has when one gets up that early in morning. I did it all well though a little slowly, call it easy, until they started asking why-questions about the processes I was supposed to do. It literally took a flip when the session turned to the one like viva exams during my college days. I replied to each of their query like every student does, repeat the question and make a jelabi out of it, move the conversation in circles around just those points you know and repeat the question again somewhere in the answer. To add onto it, the usage of sophisticated words and flow of the conversation gave the pawn in my hands, thankful to the fact that I am a writer too.

In the last few minutes some activity was  followed by a little more of a conversation after which we winded up with my ending one liner of ‘ will surely intimate you after the completion of the task ‘ and  we set our receivers back to case. The adrenaline, though left me twitching for the next hour, made my day complete with pride and pragmatism.

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