The Twilight

One of these days I was in morning-shifts that go from 6 to 2. Early morning at 4:30 I get a call from the cab driver that he will come for the pickup at 5. Adding to it, he didn’t know the area where I lived, not even close. That is going to be a busy early morning I thought as I had to catch another cab from my previous office branch to my current one. I know the transport sucks.

So here I was up and ready at five in the morning, waiting for my cab and applying the last bit of kajal, as I do before leaving. Next 30 minutes were the most confusing moments of that day and unknowing to this fact, I picked up the call on my phone.

“Where are you anna?”

“Umm ..madam, Sarjapur, where I have to come Madam?”

“G R tech Park”

“Nai pata madam”

“You know hopefarm”

“Nai madam”


“Haa madam”

“Come to Whitefield and give me a call, I will tell you further”

God knows where Sarjapur was, but I knew I had a lot of time to wait and less time to panic, as I didn’t know when the next cab to my office would leave. I spend the next few moments fiddling with my phone, facebook, wordpress, gmail etc. The cell phone rings –

“Haa madam, kidar aana?(where to come) I can’t understand.”

I explain him again, give him directions and keep the phone down. 5 minutes pass and I get a missed call. (-_-)

“Madam, ye madam se baat kre( madam, talk to this madam)” and I hear a female voice of another employee.

“Ya, where exactly we have to come?”

I give her the directions this time, got to know that she knew the area, hoped that they reach early and keep the phone down. It was dark outside at 5:30. Silence dominated the air. I view out of the window, the sodium lamps glowed vibrantly outside my house. Everything was calm and at rest.

The metal blared out of my cell as Inis Mona ringtone burst the bubble of silence. Another missed call.


“Madam, which is your apartment madam”

I tell him and rush to the door, thinking probably they are close by. I go out of the gate, on the street to have a look, but I can see no one. I call them back.

“Haa bhaiya kaha ho aap?(we are you)”

“Haa, we are outside your house”

Oh and the car is on invisible mode right now, right? 😛

“I can’t see the car, which color is it, white?” I see a white car parked at some distance.

“Nai, sumo hai, uske upar blue color hai” (it is a sumo it has got blue color over it?)

“Ok, where are you, did you find a park nearby?”


“Give the phone to madam please… Haa where exactly are you guys?”

“Ayiyoo.. where, we are outside your house”

“(Literal Lol!) Kaha?? What color car it is?”

“It has blue thing”

I give them directions again and keep the phone down, staring distantly at the most probable way they would be coming from. I look around; find myself standing in the middle of the deserted street, shouting on phone, with the security guard of our apartment staring at me, while brushing his teeth.

Ok. I stare at the way again. The sodium lights twinkle in a row. As if they had set the theme of the night. It connects me to some childhood memory, I liked staring at them for hours, and there was something mystic about these lamps that made me stare at them. For the continuous staring, I was lost in some dream land, as if hypnotized for some seconds, like a fly to a lamp. I look the other way, towards the sky. The moon shone with pride and the star beside it, twinkled like a new born baby. The dawn breaks and I can hear the birds chirp now, can listen to few vehicle sounds on the main road. That road is still deserted, the guard is done with brushing and has gone inside now, I again turn towards what seems like a divine light, brilliance of no measure against the not so dark sky. My eyes wide open, color sunset-yellow reflects from the iris.


                Stop…                               Peace…                              I breathe…

My phone vibrates me to reality.

“I can’t see a blue car, where are you guys”

And I spot a white sumo coming towards me.

I didn’t know if I came back to reality from fiction or the other way round. Whatever it was worth the experience and I look forward to waking up with the twilight in the coming days.

DSC09607 Early twilight at Grand Canyon



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