The Day That Never Comes

I was in the office lift going down from the cafeteria to my floor after having lunch. My friend accompanied me, with whom I usually have lunch. It was a busy day and a lot of work still remained pending for us.

Even while eating we discussed what work remained to be done, what more was coming up next week and so on. All of it continued until we entered the lift and door got closed.

Quiet as the lifts are, I simply looked up and stared at the ceiling of the lift as it started to move down slowly. The ceiling had around eight square shaped, equally distanced lights that would make one feel as if they were standing under a spotlight. My vision went from there to the LED lights that glowed all the way to tell us that we were going down towards 3rd floor.


A sudden realization dawned upon me. As the lift would reach the floor and the doors would open, everything would be the same. We would be working, working and just working until the day gets over.

The break felt as if made so that we could curb our hunger and that it wouldn’t hinder with our work. Those spotlights seemed to stop the time for a while and in that minuscule second I was intimidated by this very thought. There was a steel door that separated the present from the future.

A question came up to my mind almost suddenly,

Are we earning money to be happy or are we happy to be earning money? Which of these was actually true? Either way are we really happy?

Every day is the same, the monotonous routines, the usual getting up and getting dressed, going to office, working and coming back, sleep and again wake up to repeat it all over again.

The lift doors were still shut for few seconds, though it had already reached its destination. And believe me I didn’t want it to open up. I wanted it to stay like that, like a wall between my present and future so that I could contemplate on what I am doing. I wanted the time to halt, so that I could just live my present completely and not superficially as a worker.


The doors opened and I saw people pouring in, carrying their tiffin boxes and discussing work. Soon I realized it is the same with everyone and that a journey down the lift wouldn’t bother people to think about their past and future anyway.

I stepped out of the lift and yet again departed from that void that tells me again and again that after all work isn’t worship. There is life after that and indeed we aren’t paying as much attention to it as we should be. We are busy ‘Earning’ to live ‘Happily’. And that happy day is the day that never comes.

I guess maybe it will but until then time would have already glided from under our feet and taken off.  Every day we become older by few hours, some day we will be older by years and realize that we forgot to live. The day we waited for had gone away and that day was today!


10 thoughts on “The Day That Never Comes

  1. How do you suggest we live then? What do we do so that our lives no more remain mundane? What is happiness? On what criteria do you classify people into ‘sheep in herd’ or ‘lone ranger’? What if the person X who seems happy following his daily, boring, monotonous routine has a ‘life’ after office hours, which category would you put him into?

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    1. Invictus, frankly I am no one to tell anybody how to live, what I think and apply to my life is that everyday/situation is a new lesson to learn from, unless that happens and we don’t learn that lesson it will keep on repeating for eg. if the lesson to be learnt is acceptance and tolerance then a number of crazy people will come in your life and drive you insane. If you don’t learn, the test repeats.

      Happiness! actually nothing is happy/sad/boring/monotonous, we as humans just tag it so. You want to be happy? Despite having fair income you don’t feel happy inside, don’t you?(take for instance). Then imagine for a moment if you had a year/month left to live, won’t you live differently? you might do all that you procrastinated for years to come, you will take chances, risks! and live without regret! You would risk opening yourself up, living up to your every bit of the breath! Connect to your death and think how would you spend the coming time to the best. Spend each day like that and believe me friend, you will feel the zest!

      Our mind is made to resist change, since change leads to instability, that applied to us in primitive times when we had to learn to survive, but it is no longer needed. To be happy you don’t need to describe something good or bad, just accept it. Failures/sadness are your best friends because they lead you to next part of yourself, your better some.


  2. The lone ranger is the one who has become wise enough to know how nature works, and as he moves on, he accepts every situation as a lesson in the school of life, to learn and grow as a human being. He who connects to himself, his deep insights, who doesn’t resist the voice of intuition and connects and accepts to it knows how nature works.

    We are not a lone ranger, we are governed by external forces, by our weaknesses, by our fears, because what we can’t predict we are scared of. We are comfortable in repeating as we can predict it. What we don’t own, owns us and that is what make us feel ‘sad’.


    1. While I completely agree with you on living the ‘life’ king size, living in the ‘present’ and not bothering about superficiality that exists in our lives in the form of office hassles, grumpy bosses or deadlines passing one after the other, I had put forth these questions more with an intent of having a conversation that is a step further

      It is highly appreciable that you are actually ‘thinking’ about your life . But it isn’t that most people don’t in some form! They do! Because of the very fact that they are human beings. We probably don’t regard others (especially those who seem content) as capable of thinking is because their struggles are different from our own. While you (for instance) seek to achieve stability they might seek to maintain it. Their goals and aims might be different from yours.
      Taking the liberty of invoking another instance, You are a writer at heart (going by your profile), so one of your aims in life would be to bring out enriching ideas from the mundane, creating wonders out of the ordinary so much of your ideas would involve ‘thinking’ as a form of doing.
      But for a person who belongs to a family of four (including his retired father, young school going sister and a mother) and is the only earning member, thinking would mean planning for their better future and providing for their needs. While he is tied down to think within his ‘little’ bubble, you can afford the luxury of going beyond it.
      Now coming to my point here, seemingly ordinary lives( the ones going in and out of the lift with their tiffin boxes) can be full of thinking individuals.

      The underlying idea of my point is what we call ‘Aim’ and that can be called the second step in the process of self discovery .
      Having read your post, I can surely tell that you’re well past the first one i.e. realization!



  3. Invictus, I completely understand and agree with your point. Anybody being at a comfortable end, can think beyond that, towards self discovery. The people who have responsibilities as you mentioned in your example have already preoccupied their minds and restricted it to that ‘bubble’. And yes if one is in a not so comfortable positions of life, it is difficult thinking about something that is hidden within. A person who is already carrying the debts of life, it seems impossible to think beyond. But you know what, this intuitive feeling is generic to humans, sometimes, if (unfortunately) not always, it is good listening to your heart and be a free spirit.
    I know it is easy talking and this is a matter of situations one is in, but lifting oneself up above all the material world, and standing on the giants of inner self to have a view of the world from a height, would make one realize that that there is something more than just that little ‘bubble’ we all have been living in.
    It is all about belief, the trust, in nature, n its powers, only when one surrenders his/her complete faith in it and that is scary, because it is unpredictable by us.


  4. At the end, it is a matter of choice, chances for a change come subsequently as you increase your choices. If you understand my thoughts, I think you have realized it too..I suggest, go for the change then..;) 🙂


  5. Hey sheeba,

    What I have realized so far in all the time spent in introspection is that it isn’t easy to understand the voice that calls you from within but at the same time when you have taken your first steps, it becomes more tangible and in a way creates a bridge between your inner self and the outside world. When the demarcation between “what you are” and “what you want to be” has been blurred to the point that you know its only a matter of time before you reach the latter, then you know satisfaction. Because you can see yourself grow in the direction that your inner self wants to take you to and to your surprise that boat will sail only through the waters of this material world.
    In simpler words, find out what makes you deeply happy. You see there are degrees of it too. Language cannot express all of those, even in superlative terms. But your mind can in its own language. Quench the thirst of your mind by giving it that happiness(bliss/satisfaction).
    Again, for some people the source of that happiness can be emotional attachments, fame, appreciation, money, luxuries and so on. Trust me when I say that their life would be as fulfilling to them as would be yours when you reach your destination.

    Its all about fooling or convincing the little organ in your skull to believe that your life and everything around it has a meaning otherwise what would be the point of living right? 😉



    1. You seem to be a wise one!
      And yes, once the bridge builds, things start to take control of themselves and surprises cross your path now and then, giving you tiny puffs of happiness. It all depends upon how we exploit the powers from subconscious, that already knows about everything.


  6. Wonderfully written! So, are you one of those outdoory types?


    1. Hey Jeff, thanks!
      So not exactly ‘outdoory’ types, rather I would say I am more of selfish, spending my time solely on me and for me, be it anywhere


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