Father To Son

Post meeting a friend of mine, after a long time, I was returning back home by bus. Luckily I didn’t have to wait that long for the direct bus from Marathalli Bridge to my place.

So tiresome the day went that I just needed my bed to drop on and sleep. I bade my friend goodbye and climbed onto the bus with tedious steps. Luck favored again and I got a seat just behind the driver’s. With soft music playing in my headphones and the cool wind wafting on my face, I closed my eyes to slumber.

Not more than a minute had passed when a kid, around 10 years, came from behind and hurried up to grab a seat right in front of me. His father followed him and sat beside him on the vacant seat.

Some seconds went by when he nudged his dad and showed him his hands, one with two fingers gesturing the sign of peace and the other rolled into a tight fist. I noticed but didn’t get his actions until his dad raised his own hand into a fist and then a palm and then a fist. Suddenly his rigid expression broke into a chuckle.


I realized I was smiling. Getting to witness a little share of a happy father-son bonding made the tiring journey into a glad travel for quite some time. The game ended after two losses for father while the sun laughed the success away and sat quietly in his seat.

 Few minutes passed and this time dad nudged his son to play another game gesturing ‘scissors’. The child gave a priceless smile and the game began. The father didn’t stop playing and hugged his son after each game ending in latter’s winning. Sometimes the elder actually played the game and disputed over winning it himself.

It all went on, until I reached my stop and got down with a smile still lingering on my face.


Through My Mind

Small unnoticed moments, that is how they pass. 2 little moments, swift they are. Don’t forget to smile…:)

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