3 Little Words


         I have very little to say, I love you and that’s all of it.. 



The same 3 words have been older than any language on earth, considering all the possible ways to express what the message conveys.

 So today’s story is about all those out there who had the guts and balls to say their hearts out.


The other morning one of my friends came running to me, excited and panting, to blurt out her story. Her usual dialogue,

“Listen I got to tell you something.”

 I had all ears to her, like always. We started walking and she began narrating what seemed to be something big and important.

“I said ‘it’ to my crush”, I heard her say.
“Seriously?”, I asked, my eyes wide open in wonder.
“YES! I did”
“Lady, I am proud of you! You have got guts. Not all can do that”, I replied sharing a wide smile with her.



And that reminded me of the times I had expressed and confessed to my own crushes be it in school or college. It made me smile and I did so gently, wearing an expression of admiration for her. I could see the twinkle in her eyes, not out of the outcome of a gentle and respectful denial but rather by the pride she had earned by being true to herself, inside and outside.



A similar conversation today with another friend went totally the other way round.

“I had this crush, who was committed.”, said my friend.
So did you say ‘it’ to her?
“No da, I didn’t even talk to her.”
“Why?”, I asked in inquisition.
“She was not my type.”


‘What crap!’  I thought and he still liked the lady. His sudden tightened face expression, made me feel stop asking more and end the conversation on a different note. So I did.


Thru My Mind



Yes it takes courage to take say ‘it’, regardless of the consequences and the vulnerability of embarrassments and humiliations that come along.

One would think what the guy/girl would think about her/him if the confession is made.

Out of fear of rejection, what can be the bad scenario, people just bring it to their tongues, and swallow the words before even trying to speak.

                Rejection can be worse but keeping it inside can get worst sometimes, unless you have full control over the estrogens and testosterones building up in your body.


I say, SAY IT.  Life is short. Be contended. After all you never know, how and when the tables would turn….;)


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