Ek machar insaan ko hijda bna deta hai (a single mosquito can turn a human to a eunuch)

“Ek machar insaan ko hijda bna deta hai (a single mosquito can turn a human to a eunuch)”,

I remember the famous dialogue by Nana Pataker in one of his movies called Yeshwant.

Here is the link if you are not familiar with it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCfI2MB3cQ0


No guys, I am in no mood to discuss the preventive measures of malaria or dengue. There is just this thought buzzing in my head. And it says,


  • Are we really elevated than most of the species in the world ??
  • Do we really think of ourselves as so advanced and developed that we think the world is ours to make ??

Mmmm..Somewhere I guess no. Actually NOT AT ALL.

 We are just another species of animals, a little advanced yet animals. We exhibit natural behaviors –

  • we grow physically, almost mentally
  • react to poking (respond to stimuli)
  • reproduce (not necessary though)
  • we sleep, eat and excrete

 All that is common to other animals too.

Creating skyscrapers and landing somewhere other than earth doesn’t make us exceptionally different.


                                      WHY? Why? why? . . .


You may be work in a BIG MNC, but when you come home at night after working your head out, and you look forward to a peaceful sleep, Damn! You are unable to.

There is buzz near your ear and then you start slapping yourself all over. The itching follows and you get up from your half sleep, in the morning with those red, swollen round shaped patches that still feel like itching over and over again.



We think we can keep pet tigers, eat octopus soups or grilled lizards and snakes and think of ourselves to be on the top of the organism chart.

Well that’s when Holy God creates mosquitoes and brings us to ground when we start flying too much.  

And Ta-Da!! A minuscule creature is born on earth to infect us with- Well, have some glances.

Mosquito-Borne Diseases
(partial list)




Well that is just a partial list, taken from National Center for Infectious Diseases. Be glad you are alive because

       They are everywhere, all around you, all the time and They are Innumerable!


                                              mosquito 8




Thru My Mind

Guys, nothing to get scared of, but this human ego has made us go in the wrong way and destroy what was never ours.

 We share this planet with not just our relatives and friends but other organisms too. Make a room for others to live PEACEFULLY.

We should be aware we are not above all, there is just something so small and yet so dangerous that it could wipe a human race altogether.

So be humble and be careful.


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