Habits Gone Wrong

I recently started walking to and fro, between home and office. The distance is just 1 km, one way and I was turning into a couch potato again, both the reasons seemed good enough to take up this habit.

So there was this day, my headphones giving me a good company, and the drizzle from above, all made it a perfect walk back home. The pedestrian path was much less crowded than on any other day until my path arched and I found a man, peeing on the adjacent wall, few meters away.

With a hat on and his khaki pants, I found out he was a policeman. Disgusting as it was already, he finished his job and went ahead only to rub his hands clean against his trousers.

Until then I had worn this ‘O-GrossS!’ expression on my face and worst he caught my eye, turned as if nobody saw him and went back on his duty. I suddenly realized the drained out concept of untouchables seemed quite valid, and the gesture of respectful ‘Namaste’ so apt and perfect!




Through my mind


Peeing in public seems a puny problem. There is something, much more unpleasant and totally unnoticed, happening out there – NO WASHING HANDS!  And here I can feel you all going like “Eww..yulk..shit!..”

So next time, you meet someone new, prefer a namaste and promote Indian culture, because you never know.

Develop it as a good habit and inculcate in others too, is all I can say.

1 thought on “Habits Gone Wrong

  1. In an Indian context, Namaste is definitely more hygienic than handshake, a hug or a kiss 😀


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