Ms Free Willy

2LittleMoment :  Ms Free Willy

This story begins with the time when I was doing my summer internship at Ghaziabad, UP. Daily up and down from Faridabad to Ghaziabad station included my routine for six long weeks. Hectic it was the three hour journey but equally interesting, as I love to travel alone. One of these long summer days, I boarded the local shuttle from Faridabad station at 7 in morning. Hustling through the crowd to grab a seat, I ended up at a corner at the end of the ladies bogie. People while travelling usually pass their time, chit-chatting or singing prayers and folk songs. That day was no different as a bunch of ladies just in front of my seat were singing devotional songs one after the other. With closed eyes, folded hands engaged in regular clapping as they sang in unison, seemed more like a dedicated and devotional prayer to their God. The chanting and singing continued for the next one hour as the crowd shrank with the upcoming stations, until only 4 ladies remained their singing reducing to talking now.

One of the ladies got up suddenly and went to the bogie door. She leaned across the pole that supported the door and lit a  ‘beedi’ ( local tobacco).  Once she sucked in a long puff and hung outside the door like men usually do and breathed out the smoke that flew across her face as the train speeded. She continued hanging until her station arrived and got down from the still running train hopping onto the station. The other ladies back on their seats looked in astonishment and whispered to each other, while I marveled at her courage.



Thru My Mind:


Ms FreeWilly, nothing seemed apt to title this instance. I know you feel the women did something unimaginable, something that contrasted her characteristic of Godly devotion. I won’t point out on her deeds rather I would like your thoughts to jump onto another perspective.

Khaled Hosseini, in his famous novel ‘ A Thousand Splendid Suns’ , mentioned in one of the character’s dialogue-“Like a compass needle that points north, a man’s accusing finger always finds a woman. Always.”

Your first impression of those ladies would have been devotional, having good character, devoted wives and sisters. A splash of surprise spread in your mind when you read on further. Well, she did spend some time to remember God, but then carried on with her own life as she wishes to be, as all men wish. I saw her giving herself freedom and equality. I saw a free lady, master of her own will and courageous to carry out her deeds without thinking of the world around.

What did you think?

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