A Peep into The Well







Welcome to this small space of mine, where I share with you day to day instances. Instances that make me think and re-think, contemplate, wonder and probably urge me to forward all of them to you.

This page is unique. Why?   Simply because it is original. Fragments of time I pick out from my daily experiences and encounters and lay before you, to think upon.

Spare me some time of yours and let me take you for a ride, through the narrow roads of time, as you look across the scenic beauty of those puny moments, that are too little to notice and that you tend to skip. Those little moments that teach us the lessons of life, everyday and yet we pay no senses to them. Let us pour into those gaps of time that remind us of who we are, and what we can be.

Float in ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2 thoughts on “A Peep into The Well

  1. Nice work sheeba……


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